Bjorn is a very attentive trainer. He has paid attention to the areas I want to focus on (arms/chest), but without losing bigger picture of what is required in terms of health improvements and overall goals (he will, for example, bring elements of HIIT training into the workout for variety and weight loss).

He is encouraging and will push you to do better each time, finding ways to motivate you without being a cliche PT. I also find that his calm demeanour and positive outlook are helpful in making me push myself. Finally, he really thinks about the workout in advance in order to keep them fun and unique each time.
— Jorge Klien


"Recommend 100%!

I used to hit the gym 3 times a week and doing Bikram yoga once a week, but I was never getting the results I was after, and I was unsure about what to do. I explained to Bjorn the type of lean muscles and “toning” that I was after, and he got my point right away. I've since been doing gym training with him once a week, and while on my own following the programme he prepared for me.

I couldn't be happier with the results, and the positive and encouraging vibe he brings to the training sessions. Following the programme isn't always the easiest thing, but training with Bjorn makes it fun. He will compliment me but also give me honest feedback, while still being motivating."

- Johanna Penttilä

Bjorn always puts me through training sessions that I manage to complete while I feel that I’ve been pushed to my max, every time. I get to use my body and abilities in the best possible way, and I get a lot out of every single session. He also puts together great programmes I can easily do by myself.”
— Kathrine Ovesen