Workouts: Two kick-ass circuits, F45-style

Feeling brave? Here’s two circuits with 15 exercises each, guaranteed to get the sweat flowing, blood pumping and have you gasping for air. And best of all, really target fat burn, endurance and strength.


I’ve done one of these two circuits once a week since the start of the year for my go-to cardio workouts, and can certify they’re efficient! Both taking just 30 minutes, with one being slightly more lower-body oriented and the other focusing more on the upper body.


The idea with these two F45-style circuits is that you do each exercise twice for 45 seconds. You rest for 15 seconds in between each set, and then 30 seconds in between each exercise. Click each exercise for detailed instructions on how to do each.


Beginner? Start with doing each exercise for 30 seconds X 2 instead of the full 45 seconds. When you feel ready to take it to the next level, notch it up to 45 seconds!


It’s useful to set up a timer app to ensure you stick to the rest and work periods. I use a free app called Runtastic Timer, set up in the following way:




Time: 33 minutes

Equipment needed: Kettlebell, treadmill, rowing machine, box, plate or dumbbell

2 x 45 seconds skipping (with or without a rope)

2 x 45 seconds weighted squats (holding a dumbbell or kettlebell)

2 x 45 seconds sprinting on treadmill (or a curved, non-electric treadmill)

2 x 45 seconds rowing

2 x 45 seconds kettlebell swings

2 x 45 seconds box jumps

2 x 45 seconds knees high sprint on the spot

2 x 45 seconds mountain climbers

2 x 45 seconds butt-ups

2 x 45 seconds commandos

2 x 45 seconds jump squats

2 x 45 seconds bodyweight lunge (weight can be added for higher intensity)

2 x 45 seconds air bike

2 x 45 seconds leg raisers

2 x 45 seconds plate twist (can be done without a weight)




Time: 33 minutes

Equipment needed: Barbell, rowing machine, slam ball, dumbbells, kettlebell

2 x 45 seconds jumping jacks

2 x 45 seconds bent over rows - wide grip

2 x 45 seconds vertical mountain climbers

2 x 45 seconds barbell or dumbbell deadlift

2 x 45 seconds bicep curl into shoulder press (can also be done be barbell)

2 x 45 seconds burpees

2 x 45 seconds rowing

2 x 45 seconds partner-facing plank with high fives (can be done solo by alternately extending each arm)

2 x 45 seconds scissors jump

2 x 45 seconds overhead ball slam

2 x 45 seconds man makers

2 x 45 seconds squat low and hold with punches

2 x 45 seconds push-ups close triceps position

2 x 45 seconds sumo squat into high pull

2 x 45 seconds cocoons


If you're feeling extra brave, you can finish each workout with an added plank for as long as you can hold.


Good luck!