6 reasons why carbs are not the enemy

"Carbs = bad” is an extremely outdated belief. Let me tell you why!

1. Carbs aren’t bad, over-simplification is

You can’t box all carbs together. Refined carbs, consisting of simple sugars and usually found in sweets, white bread, pasta, biscuits, cakes and so on are broken down very quickly by the body and generally contain little or no fibre. Complex carbs, on the other hand, found in whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts and vegetables are full of fibre and nutrients.

2. They fuel your body and brain

Complex carbs are an amazing source of sustained energy, helping fuel your workouts as well as your brain, which relies on carbs broken down into glucose for fuel. If you go low-carb, your body can turn protein into glucose through gluconeogenesis, but you won’t get the additional benefits of eating carbs.

3. They can be good for your muscles

Your muscles have glycogen stores, which are depleted during most forms of physical activity. While complex carbs can help fuel a workout, post a particularly gruelling workout, simple carbs can help top up those glycogen stores and improve the recovery.

4. Fruit and vegetables = carbs

There is a lot of conflicting info out there regarding which diets are good for you and which aren’t. Overall, though, it’s universally accepted that consuming a wide variety of vegetables and fruits will have positive implications on your health and quality of life. New studies show that moderate carbohydrate consumption in conjunction with high levels of plant protein, not animal protein, could help you live longer.

5. They can help your digestion and sleep

Complex carbs sources contain high levels of dietary fibre, helping aid digestion and assisting in regularity. Certain carbs also contain high levels of tryptophan, which can help your production of serotonin when consumed with protein-rich food and thus help your quality of sleep and serve as a mood-booster.

6. Calorie is king

The reason why most people manage to lose weight when cutting carbs is because they successfully achieve a calorie deficit, in which the calories expended are higher than those consumed. You can still get a six-pack while eating plentiful of carbs if your overall calorie intake is less than the calories you burn on a daily basis, and if you ensure to get enough protein in the picture as well.

Overall, if a low-carb diet works for you and you’re happy on it, there’s not necessarily any problems with that. But I would never advise anyone to go on a diet that effectively cuts out any fruit and veg. And as a final note, while it’s not a diet I would advocate for either, let’s not forget about the guy who ate Domino’s every day for a year and was still ripped