My fitness journey

I was never into sports or fitness as a kid. In fact, riding my bike around the tiny northern Norwegian town I grew up in was pretty much the only form of real exercise I got for the first 16 years of my life. I had a brief stint in the gym for a couple of years from the age of 16 to 18, but I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t working towards any particular fitness goals, and even if I was I wouldn’t have known how to reach those goals.


After moving to London for university when I was 18, all things health and fitness completely went out the window for a long time. I’d always been a skinny guy, but looking back on that period of time the multiple weekly takeaways and boozy nights out had me increase my body fat to the point of getting a belly, and not to mention my cardiovascular fitness levels dropping way beyond healthy levels. Once the uni party years were done and dusted, I decided to make a change - fed up and depressed with not having anything even resembling my ideal body and realising in what poor shape my overall fitness was in. It was a slow start, and since then it’s taken me years of educating myself - with the help of instructors, my own gym and training experience and hours of hours of reading trusted health and fitness blogs, scientific studies and advice from experts - to get to where I am today. I qualified as a personal trainer in 2017, but for me the learning and gathering of more experience never stops.



I first and foremost work out and lead a healthy lifestyle because of how it makes me feel. It works wonders for my mental health, gives me energy and improves my overall well-being. The aesthetic improvements I get from the training will always be second to these other factors for me. And I am by no means a fanatic. I usually train 6 times a week, and I count my calories and macronutrients, but only because it gives me more flexibility in terms of what I can eat and allows me to stay in control of how I look and feel. These days I don’t pay a lot of attention to the scales, as I’ve gained and lost a lot of kilos over the years as I’ve varied my training and goals. Rather, I focus on how I feel and what the mirror tells me. I love trying out new training methods and experimenting with what works and doesn’t work for my body, and I’m always reading up on the latest research into training and nutrition. This not only for the sake of my own goals and personal benefit, but to also help my clients by introducing them to tried and tested methods I can stand for myself too.


It’s no secret that your overall well-being improves tremendously from regular exercise, and that’s the biggest joy I’ve found in my approach to fitness. My aim is to pass this on to others, while helping them reach their personal fitness goals and what they want to achieve for themselves.